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Before we can start to understand how to use magic effectively we must first understand a few things about ourselves and the Universe in which we live. We must have a basic understanding of how we relate to everything around us. 

There are physical laws that govern our world like gravity, relativity and electricity.  There are also Universal Laws that govern the mental world just like laws that govern the physical world. In the 17th century Sir Isaac Newton, an English mathematician and natural philosopher gave us some natural laws of physics.  Some of these laws apply to human action and thinking as much as they apply to the universe.

One of Newton's laws states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The Universal Law of Karmic Return falls into this category. You have heard this law expressed as "What goes around comes around", "You shall reap what you sow". We must fully understand and live by this law if we are going to reach the success and obtain the tranquility in our lives we deserve. 

All of our thoughts and actions create an energy flux that flows into the infinite universe.  When we send out positive energy of hope, love, kindness, charity,  prosperity and any other positive thought, that energy will be returned to us.  By the same token, if we send out feelings of hate, deception, lies, dishonesty and any other negative act or emotion, that will be returned to us also.  Many Philosophers believe that you will receive three to ten times what you send out.  They all agree that the minimum return is one.

By understanding and operating within the Universal Laws we enhance our opportunity for success in any endeavor we choose.  We have put many of the Universal Laws on this site for reference purposes and will refer to certain laws that apply to certain circumstances.  You will find these same laws written in many forms and described in most success books, in the scriptures of most religions, mythology, fairy tales and fables.  These Universal Laws are real and by trying to operate within them is to our definite advantage.

The Law of Karma is very a powerful Law of the Universe.  Many folks I have known thought they understood this law and indicated they always operated with the law.  You have heard the old saying "Actions Speak Louder Than Words", well many times it was obvious to all except them, that they were not sending out positive energy.  When we do something that benefits ourselves at the expense of another that is definitely negative energy.  There is a Minister that I had some business dealings with a few years ago.  He was constantly preaching how he lived the Golden Rule and his mission in life was to help others realize their dreams.  All the time he was preaching his icy fingers were reaching into my pocket and extracting my small wealth. During your journey in life you will encounter people like this Minister.  Hopefully you will recognize them faster than I did.  But just because something like that happens to you,  don't draw back into your inner self.  Keep going forward and helping people because they are many more people that will appreciate your help than those that will take advantage of you.

Karmic Return is the Natural Law of Cause and Effect.  You will always receive exactly what you create in your subconscious.  We are truly "What we Think About".  If you haven't read the section on Sad Statistics I encourage you to do so now.  Pay Close attention to "We Become What We Think About!"  I have worked with hundreds of people over the years teaching them the principals of manifesting their desires. Showing them how to turn dreams into reality. 

I know beyond a shadow of doubt these principals work, I have seen too many success stories, for me to believe anything but they work.  But this is a constant quest that either takes you forward or backwards depending on the pictures you hold in your subconscious mind.  Once doubt starts to creep in and your actions become lax or you become complacent you will find yourself right back where you started. 

Sometimes when we try to create images and thoughts of success and prosperity we start to worry about not getting where we are going.  We must remember "what we think about will happen".  Worry is nothing more than thinking about what we don't want to happen, but the Universe doesn't understand the difference.  In other words when we start thinking "Oh wow I hope I don't FAIL THAT TEST TOMORROW".  Or "I sure hope I don't LOSE MY INVESTMENT".  The thought energy we send out is FAIL THAT TEST and LOSE MY INVESTMENT!  We have set ourselves up for failure because of our thought energies.  I have found worry is the hardest habit for most folks to break.  Instead of worrying about what negative thing might happen, concentrate on a positive outcome.  Always hold positive pictures in your mind. 

More and more preachers, teachers and speakers on the subjects of tapping into our internal powers are concentrating on this one theme "We Truly Become What We Think About" Dr. Wayne Dyer has been on public television with his new series "The Power of Intention". I have followed Dr. Dyer since the mid 70's and have always found him to be a worthy speaker and good person to learn from. He makes an interesting observation in his current series where he says now that he is 62 years old he finally gets it. His talks have always contained the theme of creating our reality through our thinking, but in this series he indicates that enormity and simplicity of this reality has finally sunk in.

This information is on the page "Sad Statistics but I think they bear repeating here.

We Become What We Think About! Wise Men, Philosophers, Teachers and Prophets throughout history all agree on this one point.

  • Marcus Aurelius said: "A man's life is what his thoughts make of it"
  • Benjamin Disraeli said this: "Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think."
  • William James tells us: " The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind."
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "A man is what he thinks about all day long."
  • Jesus said as recorded in Mark 9:23. "If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth."
  • Napoleon Hill wrote: "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it will achieve."
  • Dr. Norman Vincent Peal said: "This is one of the greatest laws in the universe.. The great law briefly and simply stated is that if you think in negative terms you will get negative results. If you think in positive terms, you will achieve positive results. That is the simple fact which is the basis of an astonishing law of prosperity and success. In three words: Believe and succeed."
  • This powerful concept has been taught for all time, yet many of us listen then practice the teaching for awhile then back slide to our old ways. I include myself in the many. I am beginning to believe that if we just practiced this one principle until we made it a part of our everyday life we would take a quantum leap in unleashing our magical power.