Sad But True Statistics
Earl Nightingale in his book "The Strangest Secret" talked about a study done in the forties regarding the number of people who achieved success.

The statistics involved 100 men who had reached the age of 65.  The study asked these men what they thought about their chances for financial success when they were twenty five.  All 100 said they started out at age 25 assuming and believing they would have reached financial success at age 65.

This is what actually happened;
One was rich.
Four were financially independent.
Five were still working.
Thirty Six were living hand to mouth on Social Security, barely making ends meet.
Fifty Four were broke.

These figures haven't changed much over the years.  Ninety Five percent of the population will be what they consider to be failures at age sixty five.  Now when we discuss success and failure we have to define success.  These 100 people in this survey defined success as financial success.  Not all people think in terms of financial success, so Nightingale said a  broader definition would be "Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal."

Why would 95% of the population of the richest most opportunity rich country in the world have failed after living the majority of their adult life?  Are the 5% smarter?  NO, they are of average intelligence!  Are the 5% better educated?  NO, on average they have the same education level as the 95%!  Do the 5% work longer hours or work harder?  NO, in fact most of them work shorter hours than the 95%!  What makes the difference?

We Become What We Think About!

Wise Men, Philosophers, Teachers and Prophets throughout history all agree on this one point.

We probably all agree on the statements above.  Most of us have been exposed to this philosophy over and over again, but seem to eventually fall back into our old rut.  So how do we put it all together and make the changes in our thinking last.  This is where the Magic of Merlin comes into the picture.  We invite you to enter Merlin's Castle with an open mind and perhaps you can make a positive change in your life.

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